Thanks for visiting my page, I am a busy little bee these days, as you can see; here is what I am currently working on:

1. My most important job is being a mom (and single parent) to my daughter, Sofia.

2. I work from home, while my daughter is in school, as a digital marketer and for an up-and-coming indoor playground franchise. My hours are flexible and I am off when my daughter is sick or not in school/camp. Being a single mom has its rewards and challenges but with a flexible gig, that makes all the difference! Here is some of what I have done for Play City, I would love to help your business too!

3. Event Scouting –  I am a blogger and the premise of my blog(s) is sharing reasons why I love where I live; by highlighting local events, activities and happenings. I live in Weehawken, New Jersey which is located in Hudson County, New Jersey; I focus on events in this area. Hudson County is the closest to NYC and offers a wide array of events and activities! I never have nothing to do, and if you live here too; now you don’t either.

4. Startup-in-the-making! I am a founder-in-the making, working on a line of products for attention deficit learners! My daughter has Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysphasia and ADHD – so this is a personal mission too! Censory is looking to disrupt the school supply industry. We are taking aim at standard school supplies and modifying them for children with learning disabilities and sensory processing disorders.