My most important job is being a mom (and single parent) to my daughter, Sofia. In the past decade, I have gone from being a married stay at home mom (to her father), to a single working mom, to being a work from home mom. In the past 3 years, I have strictly worked remote and while my daughter is in school. Before that I struggled, but managed to find jobs that would allow me to have a true work/home life balance. I made less than I should have but the end justifies the means; as during my daughter’s impressionable single-digit years, she really needed that!

Sofia is in the double digits (soon to be Eleven) and I am so excited to be in a position to now return to my career, full-time and outside of our home. With said I am happy to have chosen ROKT to be my new work home. Prior to becoming a mother, I was an Assistant to Executives at Fortune 500 Companies and at ROKT, I am supporting the Chief Commercial Officer, who is also the CEO’s wife. Our CCO, oversees our marketing and business development teams, as well as our people team. ROKT promotes employees within 12 months, so I am hoping that I can blend my last 3-5 years of skills in marketing/sales and technology and apply it to a future role at ROKT.

In my free time, I run a blog sharing reasons why I love where I live; by highlighting local events, activities and happenings around me. I have done this since Sofia was three, when we lived on Long Island, in Connecticut (back home) where we moved after my divorce, and now (where I currently live) in Weehawken (Hudson County, New Jersey). When Sofia was younger, I focused on events for families and now I focus on events for everyone (cause we’ve grown up)! I always have something to do, and if you ever need help finding something to do where you live, let me know.

Fun facts about me: I am green and everyday am getting greener. I am quite the feminist and am passionate about equality in the world. I am concerned about the future and am wondering how I can contribute to solutions. Sofia and I eat well – an almost all-organic diet. I am a huge foodie, make sense given I came from a family of restaurateurs! I am a coffee and beer snob. I love hyperlocalism! I am a ballroom dancer, and I mainly dance West Coast Swing and sometimes Hustle, these days.