In January, I accepted an offer to work for Rokt, a digital advertising/marketing technology company headquartered in NYC. I was humbled to start my new adventure in Phuket, Thailand. As I embarked on a 30-hour flight and my journey across the globe for a 7-day work retreat – it was unforgettable. Not many companies are willing to fly you 9,000 miles away, put you up in a resort, and feed you day and night, while inducting you to the company and celebrating with their other Rokt’stars on their year-end successes.

Rokt marks a returnship for me, returning to full-time work outside of the home; since I became a Mom in 2009. Even though it was not always easy, I will always treasure the opportunity I created for myself to be a Stay at Home Mom to my daughter, Sofia. Balancing the role of primary breadwinner and caretaker, has not always come easy but it was so worth it!

In early April, I decided both in order to prep for Sofia’s virtual birthday party and to help with some marketing initiatives at Rokt, that I would purchase a Cricut Joy and EasyPress Mini. Sofia will be turning 11 this year and we are celebrating with an Eleven Stranger Things Theme and at Rokt, our company swag apparel is unisex but more masculine than feminine. I am hoping a sample or two might help streamline us into offering apparel, separate for women and men. Let me know if you need anything made.

In late April, I attended a virtual Startup Weekend by Techstars, an idea was born to digitize urban small markets (bodegas, delis, convenience stores, gas station markets and the like). Today, I am excited to introduce you to Bdega, an up-and-coming tech solution for these unique brick and mortars. I am planning to launch Bdega, after attending a 7-week virtual accelerator by Tacklebox, based in NYC – which claims to validate your startup while you work full-time.

Lastly, many of you know that I blog on local things to do where I live, currently that is in Hudson County. With my day job and startup underway, I am now pushing my site to my Facebook fanpage. If you ever need help in planning fun things to do where you live, work or vacation, let me know!